Swimming Update

Not as quiet as I thought..LOL.

See I do live an altered life. The dust sandstorm has come in so bad we can hardly see across the road. We have decided that the two younger munchkins and I will stay home tomorrow while the swimmers and hubby go to the meet.

There is not much point all of us being out in the horrible weather. Given that women are not allowed to drive here the Mr has to take them.

The house could use a good cleanup although with the dust I won’t bother sweeping or dusting. It will just be all coated again in an hour. It could also go on for 3 days. So seeing as how I wasn’t going to be blogging tomorrow anyway I am going to stick with that and take the weekend off.

Well off the blog anyway – the house cleaning awaits.

I’ll be back with updates on Saturday.  😎


Swimming Finals

This weekend is the regional or state swimming finals for the older two munchkins. Side note – one of them is bigger than me, it may be time to change the munchin tag. 😀

It is also stinking hot, blowing a gale and a dusty sandstorm has blown in. Yuk!

The two day meet is held about an hours drive away and we’ll need to leave home about 6am to get there for warm ups. So on top of the yukky weather it is an early morning start.

Jman is hoping to win this year after a 3rd place last year. He has been ill this last week with a head cold, stuffy sinuses, dripping nose and sore throat. When he came down with a cold sore last week I knew it was coming. We have been doing all the healthy stuff this week and he feels fit enough to compete. I just hope that it doesn’t hamper his goals.

Miss C is swimming because she enjoys it, though she is not overly competitive. Last year she came 5th and was very pleased with that podium finish and trophy.

Anyway – it will be pretty quite around here for the next couple of days, I’ll be back after we have recovered.