So Surprised.

My two youngest munchkins, who are swimmers like my older two, took this year off for a break to prevent them ( and their mummy) from getting burn out. By January they were in need of some extra activity so we put them into gymnastics.

At the end of spring break they had their first test and passed the second level I think it is.

Anyway today they had an end of year gymnastics competition with 6 different age group levels. There was a double regional champion from England as one of the judges. Another one is a world class judge who will be working at the World Gymnastics Championships later this year.

All to say – my two munchkins surprised the heck out of us. After only 6 months at the club they both did extremely well.

We had no idea!

DS 11 came first in his age group – beating all the girls.
DD9 came second in her age group only missing out on first by .1 of a point.

Needless to say we are thrilled. It is all the more special as DS has never come first in anything- and he always tries very hard – usually placing 4th. So he is extra happy with this.
It was very well organised and a lot of credit must go to the wonderful lady who coaches them and put the whole thing together. What else is fab is that all the parents got involved in some way and helped out.
My eldest DS15 has been helping out at the club with all the classes and assisting with the little ones as a kind of work experience/community service. Today he had to help keep everyone in their line, get them organised prior to their time slots. He also had to take each of the 6 groups through their warm-up exercises. At the end of the day he expressed to me that he really enjoyed himself too. 🙂

Got some pics that need editing due to the inside lighting being so poor (not to mention my lack of skill with an external flash) so will do a layout soon.