It Takes a While

I always underestimate how long it takes me to get over surgery. Physically things seem to be feeling a lot better  but my brain is still in a bit of a fog. Some days are good and of course then I do too much and it takes it’s toll.

Spending lots of time resting means there has been time to scrap and I have done a few layouts in this time. Mind you it seemed to take me a lot longer than usual. 🙂

Will post them soon.

I am also hoping to paint an old dilapidated bookcase too. We started sanding it a while back and it has been sitting in the garage waiting to be finished. I should be able to tackle that this week  – after all you don’t really need to think to paint.  There will be before and after photos of this when it is complete.


Too Busy to Write

Here is a peek at my desk.

Day three of Stories in Hand and I am flat out. It is fun but hard work. Lot of designing printing and cutting. Not to mention lots of glue too.

I am having to make my own binder given there is not a local scrap store that supplies that kind of thing. Nor any stores really that have something suitable. I will be back when it is completed to share some photos of the progress and hopefully the completed book.