Free Template Thursday

Template Thursday today – and it is free. Just because I like giving things away. Just because I like making life a little easier, for myself – and others. My Card Crafters Templates do that which gives me the perfect excuse for a giveaway.

First though a little eye candy..

Not sure I want to give this one away. It is so gorgeous in the real and the layers and textures just add to the whole elegance.


The kit is Daisy Summer Days from Sugarplum Paperie at The Digi Chick.  Just gorgeous!

Here is a close up so you can see the layers better.


Here is another view. This time with a “printed” card. The one at the front with the white border is made with this weeks digital print n go template. It looks lovely just simply printed – even without all the layers.


If you are in a hurry just then use the digital template. If you have some time and want to make something handmade then try out the hybrid template.

You will find both templates in this weeks download. Yes, that’s right. two templates!


Here they are – your free Card Crafters Template.  This link will only be up for 1 week – so grab it while you can. 🙂 Link Expired – thanks for downloading!


Control Center

Ready for the full reveal?


This is my control center. I have been wanting to make one for ages and NSD gave me the perfect excuse to spend the day (or two) scrapping.

Like I needed an excuse. 😉

I used my Bind it All, a clipboard, lots of baby pink o’wires, ribbon, some pink string and little crystal heart beads.

Here it is hanging on my kitchen door. Where no one can miss it.


Here is what I have included.


A calender and clip board. I make the calender at the end of the previous month. On it there are all the birthdays for the month. Plus the munchkins weekly activities and anything that I might be doing. There are also our important phone numbers and a quote for each month.

I can place the bills due for the month behind that month and then file them when they are paid.


A shopping or to do list. That’s the one I made the clip for yesterday. Then underneath there is a place for me to clip our weekly memory verse. The verse is laminated and will have a hole punched through it so it can be put on a o-ring at the end of the week (or when we have memorised it).

Then I may just hang them off the key ring holder.


Wooppeee! A place to hang my pretty key rings that my munchkins like to buy me.  Not being allowed to drive here I don’t have anything but a house key – and that is not often used. So they usually sit in a drawer.


Over on the left is a responsibilities or chores chart. Each child has a weekly task to take care of. I will list them each week.

No excuse for forgetting. 🙂

Below that is a post it note station. A place to take phone messages – and leave them. Makes it easy to check and also not get lost or forgotten.

The beautiful kit that I have used through out this whole project is Cherry Delight by The Digi Chick’s. Gorgeous! You can get it in the DST magazine till the 5th of May or in the shop over at The Digi Chick after that.

I took a bunch of photo’s so I’ll be back in a couple of days with a full tutorial of how I made my control center.