Some News

My control center project over the National Scrapbook Day brought me an awesome opportunity and a lovely invitation to join The Hybrid Chick team. 🙂

I was very pleasantly surprised, talked it over with hubby and the munchkins and accepted the position. I really look forward to work with this very talented group of ladies.

The wonderful projects they produce  are such great inspiration. If you have not been over there yet then you need to check it out. There are all manner of project from hybrid cards to home decor.

Ultimately this will mean a guest blog post/project/tutorail each month on The Hybrid Chick blog and more involvement at The Digi Chick.

I already enjoy hanging out there and being a part of the community there. As well as participating in the challenges in the forums. They have a great points reward system to for earning kits or discounts.

So it won’t be too much of a stretch. 🙂

Not to mention I’ll be playing with a bunch of delicious digi goodies available there.

My first project will be in June.


I knew you would want a peak!

Watch this space and I’ll let you know as soon as it is up at The Hybrid Chick


Working with Hybrid Digital Cards

Over the national scrapbook day weekend I participated in a card swap at The Hybrid Chick. Now I have done digital card swap’s at many sites but this one was for hybrid cards.


So instead of just printing out a pre finished card you actually print it, cut it out and put it back together again. Easy peasy – right?

Not always. What if this is your first card swap?  What if you have never “made” a card before. How do you put it together?  What if you are a digi only girl and have never done hybrid?

Don’t let those questions put you off though. Doing one of these can be very rewarding and the whole thing about doing a card swap is you get beautiful digital cards in a variety of designs. This is a real time saver and it is always lovely to see everyone’s work.

This month I am joining in a month long card swap at The Digi Chick. If you like the card above – that is in the swap. So why not join us? These are a lot of fun.

Now back to my original topic. 😀

How do you work with one of these hybrid digital cards? You can read more about that here.

A Hybrid Project for National Scrapbook Day

Want a sneak peek at what I am working on today? See if you can guess what I am making.


I will be back later during the day with some more sneak peeks of my project.

Are you at home alone working on something today? Why not link me up to your project on your blog and we can share the day together. Just leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to surf by and check out your national scrapbook day project too.

In the meantime – here is another chance for a free goodie giveaway over at the Hybrid Chick.  This one is for a Scor-Bug embosser so I know you won’t want to miss this chance!


National Scrapbook Day

In America they are calling it National Scrapbook Day – but there are a bunch of other countries that do this too. I am pretty sure that Australia has it going on as well.

The MIL mentioned attending a workshop that will go on all day. I miss that being out here.


However I won’t miss out – I am having a national scrapbook day myself. Being on my own without a LSS  and isolated won’t stop me. I am joining in some online fun and working on some hybrid stuff at the same time.

Don’t you just love the digi world!

Talking of hybrid – check out The Hybrid Chick blog. They have wonderful tutorials and inspiration. Best of all they have a bunch of free giveaways just for {i}NSD

Like this Mini Album giveaway.

Why don’t you leave a comment and share what you will be doing today?