What Does it Mean?

Often people ask me about the name of my blog and I have been considering Altered Life Designs as a design name. So when the art journal challenge at Digiridoo Scraps was about something life altering it was the perfect opportunity to write about it.

Here is the result. It took a bit and the layout style is way outside my usual box but I enjoyed it and like the feel it has. I posted it a couple of days ago and was amazed to wake up the next morning  and find it had been chosen for the GSO Blog.  That is a total surprise not to mention a first  for me. It was a delightful though humbling event to wake up to especially given the talent I was surrounded by on the SO blog.

The kit is from Sharing our Past ATC from MC designs and can be found at Digiridoo Scraps.  Guess I should get back to a bit more layout making. The card thing has kind of taken over lately!  🙂

It’s been a long tough week with a couple of munchkins not well, so no template this week. Hopefully next week! In the meantime I will leave the others up from the last couple of weeks if you would like them.


Happy 4th Of July

Now I am a dinky di Aussie through and through. However I have a lot of friends who are not. Being an expat expands your horizons so much and you get to experience so many other celebrations.

One of these is the 4th of July.  American Independence Day.

Many of my close and dear friends are from the USA and we have had many “freedom celebrations” with them. We have also experienced a 4th of July in the USA.  Is was a wonderful night by the river with a big band, fabulous music and lots of fireworks – not to mention awesome food. My munchkins had a blast.

It is not unlike our Australia day celebrations back in Perth or Sydney really. Sharing with friends and having a good time remembering all that brings us together.

Yesterday we had some of our American friends over for an afternoon of games and fun. I wanted to make them happy so decorated my foyer with a few little Americana items.

My freedom banner from last year was perfect to jazz the place up a little.

Of course I made a hybrid card from this weeks free template. 🙂

They were surprised and touched, liking the banner so much I sent it home with them. Giving is such a fun thing to do.

Which means it must be time to give you something too :). How about that card above in printable form. The jpg comes with two cards – one ready to cut off and attached to a base. Nice and quick.

The other one is ready to cut apart and assemble like mine. Check back later today for a tutorial on how to do that. I have included a paper twill ribbon with the word celebrate on it just in case you don’t want to stamp your own real twill or ribbon.

Download this file – and please leave me a comment if you do! If you want to share it – please send your friends here too. This link is only up till the 5th.

ETA – Link has expired but if you would like the card you can find it along with a Celebrate Mini Kit here

Enjoy your 4th!

Here is a sneak peak of something coming your way tomorrow. I’ll give you a hint – it’s not a card. 🙂

For more free 4th of July or celebration goodies you might like these.

Free Template Thursday

Free Printable Cards


Journal Your Christmas

Last year I attended the Shimelle Journal Your Christmas class for the first time. I enjoyed the process – though I probably bit off more than I could chew – making it too big, and time consuming

Given the way I feel right now, so totally not into the whole Christmas thing, I was not even sure that attempting it this year is the right thing to do.

But – yes there is always a but!! 🙂

I know that I will be disappointed in myself in the future if I don’t at least have a go at it. So with that in mind I pulled out last years album.


The munchkins begged to have a look as soon as they saw it. Pretty hard to miss with that bright red cover!

They sat in the lounge for quite a while, really enjoying the experience of looking through the album. After all the oohing and ahhhing it was decided there and then. It really did need an attempt. Seeing them enjoying reading about the past, laughing over their photo’s from last year and commenting about how everyone had grown and changed, how could I not?

Hopefully I can do it justice. Even if I am not feeling it, this time is a season in our lives and needs to be recorded – the good, the bad and everything in between.

Some News

My control center project over the National Scrapbook Day brought me an awesome opportunity and a lovely invitation to join The Hybrid Chick team. 🙂

I was very pleasantly surprised, talked it over with hubby and the munchkins and accepted the position. I really look forward to work with this very talented group of ladies.

The wonderful projects they produce  are such great inspiration. If you have not been over there yet then you need to check it out. There are all manner of project from hybrid cards to home decor.

Ultimately this will mean a guest blog post/project/tutorail each month on The Hybrid Chick blog and more involvement at The Digi Chick.

I already enjoy hanging out there and being a part of the community there. As well as participating in the challenges in the forums. They have a great points reward system to for earning kits or discounts.

So it won’t be too much of a stretch. 🙂

Not to mention I’ll be playing with a bunch of delicious digi goodies available there.

My first project will be in June.


I knew you would want a peak!

Watch this space and I’ll let you know as soon as it is up at The Hybrid Chick

Swimming Update

Not as quiet as I thought..LOL.

See I do live an altered life. The dust sandstorm has come in so bad we can hardly see across the road. We have decided that the two younger munchkins and I will stay home tomorrow while the swimmers and hubby go to the meet.

There is not much point all of us being out in the horrible weather. Given that women are not allowed to drive here the Mr has to take them.

The house could use a good cleanup although with the dust I won’t bother sweeping or dusting. It will just be all coated again in an hour. It could also go on for 3 days. So seeing as how I wasn’t going to be blogging tomorrow anyway I am going to stick with that and take the weekend off.

Well off the blog anyway – the house cleaning awaits.

I’ll be back with updates on Saturday.  😎

Swimming Finals

This weekend is the regional or state swimming finals for the older two munchkins. Side note – one of them is bigger than me, it may be time to change the munchin tag. 😀

It is also stinking hot, blowing a gale and a dusty sandstorm has blown in. Yuk!

The two day meet is held about an hours drive away and we’ll need to leave home about 6am to get there for warm ups. So on top of the yukky weather it is an early morning start.

Jman is hoping to win this year after a 3rd place last year. He has been ill this last week with a head cold, stuffy sinuses, dripping nose and sore throat. When he came down with a cold sore last week I knew it was coming. We have been doing all the healthy stuff this week and he feels fit enough to compete. I just hope that it doesn’t hamper his goals.

Miss C is swimming because she enjoys it, though she is not overly competitive. Last year she came 5th and was very pleased with that podium finish and trophy.

Anyway – it will be pretty quite around here for the next couple of days, I’ll be back after we have recovered.

Marsala Mayonnaise

I have always been a bit of a “saucy chic”.   🙂

My main meals have to be moist. Doesn’t mean I resort to tomato sauce or ketchup on everything although I was known for that in the past. A couple of my munchkins also prefer their food moist too.

Now days I like to make up varied dressings with either a mayonnaise or vinaigrette base to top off my grilled chicken or BBQ steak.


Today I made my Marsala Mayonnaise Dressing to serve on our oven grilled chicken. Along with a tossed salad it makes the perfect quick and easy lunch or evening meal, and can even be prepared a day or two ahead.

You can read more about it and find the recipe here.  Chicken Marsala Mayonnaise