One More Vintage Valentine

I just couldn’t resist using the gorgeous Valentines Retrospect from Quirky Twerp for another layout. This one is for the Log Your Memory week #4 challenge.

This week the prompt is to journal or list a project you wish to work on the year. I considered tying this in to my one little word and making me the project – but instead picked something I have really wanted to tackle for a while.

My box of unfinished quilts, block swaps and purchased mini quilt kits has been calling out for some attention. The little paper scrapping hobby kind of took over and my quilting took a back seat.

With balance being my aim I have a few things to accomplish by dealing with the tub of fabric. Using what I have for my creativity, clearing out the stuff in the house, thereby creating more space and less clutter allowing my mental process some relief. Balance between starting and finishing. Isn’t that balance word a good one?

The layout is quilt like, and lists the process I will use to deal with the contents of my UFO box.

The good news – I can tick off some things on that list and started putting one quilt top together last night.


It Takes a While

I always underestimate how long it takes me to get over surgery. Physically things seem to be feeling a lot better  but my brain is still in a bit of a fog. Some days are good and of course then I do too much and it takes it’s toll.

Spending lots of time resting means there has been time to scrap and I have done a few layouts in this time. Mind you it seemed to take me a lot longer than usual. 🙂

Will post them soon.

I am also hoping to paint an old dilapidated bookcase too. We started sanding it a while back and it has been sitting in the garage waiting to be finished. I should be able to tackle that this week  – after all you don’t really need to think to paint.  There will be before and after photos of this when it is complete.

Journal Your Christmas.

I am so excited about the Journal Your Christmas class I am taking over at Having always done so many things with my munchkins at Christmas it will be nice to have it all journaled and compiled to sit and enjoy. Plus think about the memories in years to come.

Also it has been a bit of fun already. Getting to know some of the ladies in the forums and seeing past years albums from those who have participated before.

The first email came today. More of a preparation really. Then on the 1st – which is one daughters birthday, the emails start to come daily. Journaling prompts to get you thinking and motivated for that day.

It’s not like I don’t have great plans to do this kind of thing myself. My harddrive had so many photos and finished layouts that just prove this. However the motivation of a class, the inspiration from other ladies and the structure will all serve to help me stay on track and hopefully complete it.

The whole process promises to be fun.

If it is something you would like to try or find out more about you can do so here at

Stories in Hand Binder

It is finally done.

This is one of two layouts going up at Jessica Sprague in the class gallery. There are some wonderful pictures by some very talented ladies creations in there already. Certainly lots of inspiration. Perhaps now this is complete I can spend some time browsing and enjoying them more.

Keep an eye out here for step by step instructions of how I made the binder to hold Jessica’s Stories in Hand System.

New Creative Team

The time zone thing is so funny with when emails come in. It says the same day I applied but really it is the next day for me.

Anyway – the one I applied for yesterday has asked me to join her team. I will announce who it is as soon as she announces her new team. It is exciting yet daunting at the same time. This team works very different to my past experience. Hopefully I will be able to satisfy the requirements…and the designer.

I have not heard back from the one I applied for a few days ago. No matter – this will keep me busy enough.

The job entails making quick pages with kits ahead of the kit being released. Then I sit on the layouts till asked to upload. Now I understand how many of the designers do it. I always wondered how so many layouts appeared in such a rush after or at the same time as a kit release.

It make sense to get as much exposure as possible.

Posting at a couple of new sites too will be a good way to see more layouts and be inspired by other digi scrappers!