Happy Fathers Day Card

Happy Fathers day to all the birth dads, adoptive dads, surrogate dads and those who play dad to anyone that needs them. You sure do deserve a day in your honour.

Mind you, it seems weird saying that. Shame it is not an international day rather than a lot of countries celebrating it at different times. I think the Uk has already had theirs, now the USA has it’s turn and Australia has Fathers Day coming up in September.

So using today for organization and motivation I got in early!

Using my template freebie from Thursday I made up this digital card ready for hubby in September. He is a no fuss no frills kind of guy so a simple glossy print out without all the embellishing. πŸ™‚

To celebrate all fathers, every day, everywhere, I am giving away this completed jpeg card – ready for printing, adding to some matt perhaps and adhering to a cardstock base. So you can use it for any purpose I have left out the words.

Celebrate Dad Card Link will expire in 48 hours (Tuesday Night). Please let me know if you download it.

If you would like to make your own with this design hop over here to pick up the free template. LINK EXPIRED


A Birthday Today

Hubby’s birthday today. He got some new tools to make all the work he has been will be doing for me around the house a little easier. πŸ™‚ He also received the card I made with Tumbleweed from Kelley Mickus a couple of weeks ago.

I am off to enjoy one of these.

Home Made Chocolate Mousse.

The Hybrid Chick.

Remember my news and the project I showed you that I was working on?

Here it is all finished.


It isΒ  handy dandy “hubby helper”. When I made my very popular control center my hubby told me he though it was a great idea.

Now he will have his own scaled down version – for his birthday this month.

For all those who celebrate Fathers Day this month is would make a great gift for Dad. For more instructions on how I made it including lots of great photo’s you can find my first ever tutorial post at The Hybrid Chick.

Swimming Update

Not as quiet as I thought..LOL.

See I do live an altered life. The dust sandstorm has come in so bad we can hardly see across the road. We have decided that the two younger munchkins and I will stay home tomorrow while the swimmers and hubby go to the meet.

There is not much point all of us being out in the horrible weather. Given that women are not allowed to drive here the Mr has to take them.

The house could use a good cleanup although with the dust I won’t bother sweeping or dusting. It will just be all coated again in an hour. It could also go on for 3 days. So seeing as how I wasn’t going to be blogging tomorrow anyway I am going to stick with that and take the weekend off.

Well off the blog anyway – the house cleaning awaits.

I’ll be back with updates on Saturday.Β  😎