Paper Flower Tutorial

I had hoped to have a video tutorial up for you with how I made my paper flowers but can’t seem to get it to load up here or on You tube. Guess I am going to have to work on that one a bit more.

In the is a photo tutorial that should help you out.

You can use various size punch’s to cut out your flowers, or do what I have done and use some from a digital kit. In this case Hello Sunshine from Kelley Mickus. I adjusted the sizes up and down to give me a couple in each size. These were then printed and left overnight to dry.

Then put a hole with a paper piercer thought the center of each flower and secure them all together with a brad. Use a small one! Then with a small mister spray the flowers liberally. Don’t be afraid to use more than a little. 🙂

Now start to smoosh them up starting with the top layer. Gather it nice and tight and work the petals in towards the middle squishing the water into the paper as you go.

Keep working your way down through the layers until you get every petal smooshed into the center. Something like this.

Then taking your paper piercer, a pen, a pin or something else spiky start to pull the layers down gently. Doing it a little at a time, pulling the petals into a pleasing shape and working them out where you want them.

As you get to the top layers it will be much fuller than it looks when you first get started. Gorgeous hey? Amazing it is just paper.

You can also do it with a lot less petals for a different look.

This one only had five layers.

Beautiful! Just not as full.

You can then let the paper flower dry. Try using a heat gun or hairdryer if you are in a hurry. Then hit it with some glimmery type spray for that extra sparkle.

Use them on projects, layouts and as toppers for gifts.

Have you made any of these paper flowers?


Gift Cards and Box

A good friend is leaving to move overseas, or rather back home. She has always admired my handmade cards so I knew just the perfect gift to give her for a going away “I’ll miss you” gift.

A beautiful gift boxed set of handmade cards.

Now whenever she has the need of a card she can just select one and post it out.

In a variety of designs, some with sentiments, there is something to cover every occasion.

Of course she also adored the little paper flowers that I have been making. So they were the perfect topper for the gift box.

Box template is altered from one by Kelleigh Ratzlaff and the kit I have used is Hello Sunshine from Kelley Mickus. All the cards are created with my Card Crafters templates.

I will have a photo tutorial up tomorrow sharing how I made the flowers step by step. Right now I am off to Jessica Sprague’s Card class…yipppeee!