Twas the night Christmas Eve

The lady of the blog was wondering where the days in December went.

That post about an attitude check a little while back. Well, I was coming down with something “big time”. Really ill with some type of flu or cold or virus – or maybe all three. I ended up sleeping for most of about 3 days. My birthday was pretty much a wash out – though I did feel well enough to cook some dinner while the others all went off to swim training.

So I guess some of what I was feeling was due to the pre-getting sick phase. But it was also there, the blue “I can’t get into it feeling”. I did do a layout for it too.  Maybe I can post it here soon.

I missed so much too. My daily December album went out the window and I am not sure I will get it done – though have managed a couple of pages including one on the blues.I might get it done in time for a Christmas is July post..LOL.

My girlfriend had her baby girl and I still have not got to see them yet. Maybe tomorrow. I consoled myself with making her a baby album which I will post here next week after she has seen it. 🙂

And other things.

No matter – things are looking up and little  by little Christmas happened around me anyway. Youngest DD put on some Christmas music every day after she discovered it in iTunes. We pulled out the Nativity set and some decorations – just a few though, as the thought of putting it all away was too much. 🙂

Lighting some candles is always a nice way to improve the mood.

It was also my eldest munchkin princess’s birthday and we celebrated that too.

Anyway I am here to say I am feeling better, looking forward to tomorrow and I hope that you all have a very happy and blessed  Christmas day, sharing about the Lord’s birth and with family and friends.

Tonight we have a surprise for the munchkins who are not expecting any gifts. We’ll eat snacks and watch a movie together and give them their traditional Christmas eve new PJ’s.

Happy Christmas to you!!


Today the 25th

To all our family and friends and anyone else who may be reading our blog… We are praying you have a special and blessed and very happy Christmas. May it be all the you hope for and with those you love!

Remember that we have been given the most special and precious gift in Christ – the Christ that makes Christmas “Christmas”! Celebrate His birth above all else today.

Have an awesome day!