Hybrid Digital Projects and Digital Alpha's

Alpha’s can really make a hybrid project. Especially if it is a notebook, handmade card, template gift box or something made for a specific recipient where the alpha tells their name.

During my hybrid journey I have used a variety of alphas and have come to find I like the solid ones better. The job of cutting out and mounting them on your project is made much easier by the more solid piece.

For instance this sneak peak at an upcoming project shows the type of digital alpha I am talking about.


You can see it is almost two alpha’s. The top black outline letter placed against a solid background. This particular one is from Elise’s Pieces August Grab Bag and is called appropriately “Read All Over”. Just the type of alpha that works perfectly for hybrid digital projects.

I had resized these to be about 1/2 an inch tall. You can imagine how difficult it would have been to trim out the middle of the p and the a. Plus try putting mounting tape behind such little areas without it showing.

If you have an alpha that you love but it is too fiddly – why not think about creating this effect, with a matching paper from the digital kit, in your editor.

If you are going to cut out alpha’s then try to make them larger, perhaps only on bigger projects. This one while not an alpha is part of a boy album template by Kelleigh. It was a reasonable size for trimming out but you would not want to make it any smaller.


Using extra sharp pointy scissors and a craft knife can make the job a little less difficult too. Place your piece on a work surface like a cutting mat ( I use my quilters mat) and hold it firm. Work from both directions into the point area’s and away from the curves if there are any.

Do you use alpha’s on your digital alpha’s on your hybrid projects? Or do you stick to pre made chipboard or sticker type ones?  Link me up to your projects showing me your favourite alphas?