Tomato's on Tuesday

Here is just one days collecting – and that hasn’t been the most we have gathered either. So what do you do when you have too many tomato’s?


The first is give some away. We have been doing that, keeping a few of our neighbours well supplied. 🙂

Then you eat them – for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fortunately there are so many ways to prepare tomato’s that you don’t ever have to tire of them. I love to eat them straight off the bush as I am picking them. Growing organically lets you do that. Although I usually recommend a wash down first.

If it wasn’t for the dust storms we have been having I could do that. You can see these are covered in dust. So they need a really good wash inside then wiping off with some paper towel.

I really enjoy having them on toast for breakfast. Here is my quick and easy way to prepare them.


Roughly chop up some white or yellow onion.


Do the same with some tomato’s. Just quarter them. This amount will do 2 people.


Toss the onion and tomato into a small pan. If you are not on a diet you can put butter and olive oil in at this point. It really amps up the flavour. If you are dieting then leave those out.

You don’t really need the butter or olive oil to cook as there is enough liquid in the tomato. Let this cook over a low to medium heat for a while.


While you are waiting for the mix to soften and stew down, run out to your garden and grab some Italian Flat leaf parsley and chop it up.

You don’t have any – doesn’t matter!

You could use dried, or leave it out. I just love the flavour kick it gives. It is so easy to grow. Even in a pot on your window sill.


Add plenty of black pepper, salt and a dash of Worchestireshire Sauce. Make sure it is the real stuff! Not one of these varieties that is appearing now in bigger bottles that is full of corn syrup and other “stuff”.

When cooked to your liking, add in the parsley at the last minute and top a piece of lightly toasted wholemeal bread with it.




Clear Sky

Though it is still not very clear here with a certain amount of dust just hanging in the air at least we can go out without feeling like we have a mouthful of sand.

Read down to the last post to see photo’s from the dust storms of the weekend?

I came across these photos the other day, which I took back in Feb. That time of year is when we have the nicest skies. Most of the year it is just grey here…even in summer.

This is the same view out my bedroom window – you can see the high rise they are building over on the corner.


This is out the back window of my craft room. Much nicer hey? Such a shame the sky isn’t this way more often.