A Christmas Menu.

This is our usual traditional Christmas Menu. Aside from one rare year we had back in Australia where we had picnic lunch on Christmas day this is the meal I have cooked for the last 7 years. The children love me to do it the same each year. Guess it has become another one of our family traditions.

I don’t do this all on my own. Last year my 14 yo son prepared the turkey. That was good for a laugh!

Everyone pitches in and has a hand in helping out. Right down to the youngest who love to help peeling veg and doing what they can. One year I had to go out and buy another vegie peeler so the two youngest could both do it. 🙂

This year is going to be somewhat different. We have been invited to another home for ‘brunch’. This will be a total break from tradition and the entertaining we have done for a long while. It will be a break for me too – and I am looking forward to it. Perhaps I’ll do a menu documenting out brunch too.

One thing that the kids want me to take with us is the Sticky Toffee Pudding. Now fancy having that for brunch.

Only on Christmas!  :=)


Day Two of Journal Your Christmas

Dreaming of a White Christmas. At least that is what today’s prompt from Shimelle made me think about. One day hopefully we will get to experience that side of the world and the beauty of a white Christmas.

For now I enjoy the part of the Northern Hemisphere that we currently reside in. After all the hot summers in Australia, with the BBQ or picnic type meal on Christmas day, it is lovely to be somewhere cooler.

That’s what I have written about for day two’s entry in my journal. I took a screen shot of the weather and made myself a ‘cool’ looking layout. Complete with snowflakes which were also a part of today’s prompt. We had fun playing with a digital snowflake maker. Those things can get seriously addictive. Keep the screen out of site if you have any munchkins too or else they will be lined up waiting to have a go as well.

How do I know that? 🙂

This week I plan to work snowflake making into the homeschool day. Maybe for science. We may even make some out of borax if I can find it at the local supermarket. We’ll get out the paper and scissors and have some hybrid fun. Then We’ll cover them in clear contact and add them to the journal.

I have discovered one issue with making my tags all the same colour. As I am not planning the album to be the same kit or colour all the way through it is possible that the tags won’t suit the layout. I may have to rethink the daily numbering.

This page is 8 x 8 and already I didn’t want to add the tag to the page so will perhaps make another laminated one and attach it in the journal above this page. Or make a matching tag along the lines of the original but change the colours.

I have used kits by the Bisontine, Julie Bullock, Jofia Devoe, and Kasia. All available at Shabby Pickle Designs.