Our First Christmas Card – In the Mailbox

Our first Christmas card arrived in the box today. I made the DD JYC page so that I can write by hand on it and add some of the stamps from the envelopes that come in the mail.


It's Day Thirteen.

We spent most of today putting up our decorations today. Considering we don’t have “a tree” it actually looks lovely. Perhaps I’ll upload a couple of the photos we took throughout the day. Though I may need them for a future prompt. Thats one thing about doing this for the first time. You just don;t know what is coming. Sure I could have looked at the pormpts from last year, but I really like the anticipation of waking up and reading the new days prompt.

Today is music. Funny thing – we have been playing it all day long. Varied styles too. From Country Australian Christian kids carols by Colin Buchanan to Celtic carols and everything in between. We love to mix it up. 🙂

One of my uncles also sent a Christmas card in the post that had a Cd inside. Part of the card really. Neat idea and it’s nice to play for a change. You can’t really get Christmas cd’s here so the ones we use have been well and truly overplayed.

Todays layout will consist of a half size photo of the music cd’s we use. Then at the bottom half I have followed the crafty prompt and written my carol in an unusual way. The little camel I have made into an ornament hung of a bit of ribbon. You’ll notice the last verse of Jingle Bells is very appropriately changed for here. 🙂

The kits are ones already used and the camel is from Kate Hadfeld and is recolored to suite. Behind that I am doing another page with everyones favourite Christmas Carols listed for this year.