Cushioned Stamping Pad

I found this small cork board backed with chipboard in our local $ store. Straight away I imagined using it as a base for embossing flowers and stamping with ink for cards.


Rather than leave it plain a little pretty shabbying up was called for. Then it was ready for use whenever I am in need of a softer surface while I am stamping or embossing something


I also chose to make it double duty.  The back was perfect for this quote that I have been wanting to use for a while. This way it can hang on the wall with the “used” side hidden when I am not using it. Saves space too in you are working in a small nook or cupboard.


I am sure that after a while of using it for stamping and rubbing or embossing shape into my hybrid digital flowers, that the other side will look decidedly more shabbier.

If you would like to see full step by step instructions of how I made this then go here for the tutorial.


My Journal Cover for JYC

Two posts in one day. This one is short and sweet though – too busy with the tea party!  🙂

This little stash is for my cover for the Journal Your Christmas class I am taking over at Most of it has been around for a lot of years. Just went through various boxes in my scraping area and pulled this together. The cover is made with chipboard and some sticky back suede stuff that Annette from Scrap Happens Here found at our local craft store. This stuff is from France and is very easy to use too.

Although I am doing mainly digital with bit of hybrid the cover will be prettied up a bit. As usual this album will be made totally from scratch. As I am hoping to find a Bind it All under the tree on Christmas Day I am not cutting any holes yet. If it comes down to it I will just use O rings like on the Stories in Hand journal I made a while back.

Living in the Middle East the evergreen tree thing is pretty rare. This palm tree is more apt for our Christmas. So many times I have gone to throw the little wooden palm tree away.  And as always hung onto it. Can’t help myself. =)) Just knew it would come in handy one day. The bling is a Swarovski crystal star that I had purchased, then not used, on a quilt challenge some years ago.

The tag is the same as the one I am using on the dailies. Yes it is upside down. Will remake it. It is laminated and will be punched and left free on the front. So in absense of a completed cover you will just have to use your imagination and think binding, some more bling, perhaps some beads and definitely some ribbon tied to the binding.