Sticking with It

So many of you have written and said how much you enjoy my blog here. For that I am so very grateful! So for now I am sticking with it.  Thank you everyone for the lovely comments and encouragement.

Two good friends were kind enough to send me the missing posts from August – how wonderful to get all that information back again. Thank you Kelleigh and Joana. I will add those posts back in here – post dated. Obviously everyone’s lovely comments won’t be back but at least anyone visiting me will still get to see all the posts – and hopefully find some inspiration.

It is my sincere hope you continue to enjoy my blog. 🙂


Today the 25th

To all our family and friends and anyone else who may be reading our blog… We are praying you have a special and blessed and very happy Christmas. May it be all the you hope for and with those you love!

Remember that we have been given the most special and precious gift in Christ – the Christ that makes Christmas “Christmas”! Celebrate His birth above all else today.

Have an awesome day!