Thinking of You – SC288

This weeks card sketch at Split Coast Stampers was a nice one with circles. I really liked the layout and knew it would be perfect for this digital card quote and kit from As You Wish Designs (you can find them at Shabby Pickle).

I layered up the printed digital kit, added a flower, button, ink and bling, raising the quote and embellishment on 3d mounting tape. This would make a great card for many occasions and one I am glad to add to my stash.

It’s funny how when you make something, like the word art sentiment stamps that I am giving away, how you suddenly start to notice these things around. Obviously a lot of digital scrapbooking word art would fit the category.

Then just this week while blog hopping from a thread at Split Coast Stampers I came across a couple of sites that sell “digital stamps”. They are fun too! Some of them the cutesy type ones you would traditionally find on a rubber ink stamp. I never even knew that kind of thing existed.

See what happens when you go and explore a different arena of paper crafting!


Day 6 of Stories in Hand

It is all looking so good. I have had time to glance at the next lot of lessons up to date but not had a chance to dig in yet. It has prompted thoughts and memories for sure. Whilst actually working on this thing I have had the ipod on and playing some music from…oh way back when 🙂 and that brought a rush of memories. My kids also thought I was nuts – singing out loud to all those “old” songs.

It helped with the sparks too so perhaps while you are trying to work on your story you could play some of the music from the time you are remembering. I know music is a spark too.

Thats the thing isn’t it! Little sparks that give off other little sparks then all of a sudden you have a raging bush fire of memories to take down and record. Wonderful!

Here is how I did the binder.

From this

To This

I am not sure if I will keep the green flower. More inclined towards a blue one. That’s just sitting on there to see if I like it.

The basic structure of the insides is exactly to the sizes Jessica specified. Being clever and crafty here – that way if I ever have the chance to get a D ring binder in my travels I will. Or if the outside needs redoing from looking old and tatty it will be easy to just remove the middle and put in a new cover.

So the inside is purely the way it is taught in the class. Though I did pretty up a couple of the tag pages. My girls wanted some bling on theirs and the boys just had to be added to a little. 🙂

This is everything made and ready to put together.

I had a couple of those covers that come with your portrait photos in them, from professional photographers, stashed, in my frugal (read hoarder :)) way ready to use. The brown could have been covered but worked well with the theme and colours Jessica had chosen. I love shabby and the papers and details she has used are gorgeous. You could change that if you wanted to.

Cutting the board into a front and back cover plus two folded pieces for the end was the easy bit. I am using two o’ring clips and didn’t want to see them so I added about a half inch to their size and measured the spine at that width. Then made sure the covers were long enough to keep the inside insert and the tags safely covered.

Here the front and back with papers adhered, plus the two spine pieces are all ready to assemble. There are also two extra bits of card for pockets and strength on the front and back covers. You’ll see why later.

When making a binder like this it is really good to using a scoring tool to mark the folds neatly. Also you will want to make the score on the inside spine piece slightly narrower than the outside spine piece so when they are folded and glued to each other they fit together snuggly.

Here you can see the front and back covers with the outside spine attached and the inside spine waiting to be glued on. I tried it with just the outside spine on and even without any contents it was just too flimsy. This would depend of course on how stiff your card is. The portrait pockets I was working with are a bit stronger than card stock but not as strong as chipboard. The outside spine gets attached to the two covers then the inside spine is glued on so that the front and back are sandwiched between the spines.

You can also see the inside of the covers already have pretty papers on them. The back one is in another piece of card and is only adhered on three sides and makes a pocket. The front of the inside spine will make a small pocket on the front cover when attached. You could add a little note pad jotter or even a spare jotter inside here.

Then the contents were added.

Here are some photo’s of how the inside is held in.

The last page of my insert is yet another piece of the brown card. It is narrower than the back pocket and long enough to go all the way to the end of the pocket. Which makes it about the length of the inserts and tabs. It slots in nicely, creating more strength and holding it all together.

Here you can see the last page of the inside sitting in the pocket.

The front has a little pocket that I have slotted my jotter into for now. I am thinking a couple of jotters may be necessary. One upstairs and one down. One for my purse and one in the front of the folder to hold all the written on jotter cards before I add the information to the SIH system. The covers of my jotter are also laminated and I used a scrap of the pretty paper left over from the inside cover pockets for the back cover.

All the edges of the cover are inked with the dark brown stamper out of the Making Memories Distressing Kit. A couple of ribbons tied onto the O’rings and it is finished. Finally.

Completed Binder and Jotter.

Now to use it!