Stories in Hand Binder

It is finally done.

This is one of two layouts going up at Jessica Sprague in the class gallery. There are some wonderful pictures by some very talented ladies creations in there already. Certainly lots of inspiration. Perhaps now this is complete I can spend some time browsing and enjoying them more.

Keep an eye out here for step by step instructions of how I made the binder to hold Jessica’s Stories in Hand System.


Too Busy to Write

Here is a peek at my desk.

Day three of Stories in Hand and I am flat out. It is fun but hard work. Lot of designing printing and cutting. Not to mention lots of glue too.

I am having to make my own binder given there is not a local scrap store that supplies that kind of thing. Nor any stores really that have something suitable. I will be back when it is completed to share some photos of the progress and hopefully the completed book.