Digital Hybrid Cards

So where do you start?

First you need to print out the card you want to use from the swap. Most likely it will be a flattened jpg and you can print it just as it is.

Having just said that I like to drag mine on to a A4 size page template and make sure that if fits inside my print lines. Every printer is different so you may want to play with this yourself and work out what works best with your printer.

I often make ‘odd’ size cards, either because I am using up scrap card for the base or because I can only get certain size envelopes at the local stationery store. This is another good reason to put it on the size paper in your digital program that you are going to fit on.


Gather these items to help you out. Printed Card, ruler, embossing or scoring tool, glue, scissors, cutting machine if you have one, tape runner or double sided tape, 3D or mounting tape, distressing or a matching coloured ink if you want to do the edges, some bling or other embellishments you may have. A mouse mat with a soft backing and an old catalogue will come in handy too.


Cut out all the pieces of the pre-printed card.


I like to go around the scissor cut edges with an old emery file to soften that just cut sharp look. This is also useful if you are inking the edges. Now would be a good time to do that and let it dry.


Take your mouse mat and turn it over. Lay the cut flowers or other design elements on it and gently rub them with your embossing tool. Look at the piece and work out what would be raised and what should fall back. You can even turn it over and work on the back for more dimension. Here I have done the center of the flower from the back then the edges of the petal from the front. The softness of the mouse mat helps you get smooth lines and not tear through the card. Do be gentle though. 🙂


When you have everything prepared, cut, embossed or inked it is time for the next step.


I don’t have the luxury of pre made cards here so make all of them myself. I cut the card to fit the envelops I can buy. Then using the catalogue (I like the Ikea ones) for a mat score down your fold line on both sides.The catalogue has more give than a desk or cutting mat. This gives a much neater finish than just folding it with your hands. I have been known to use the end of a fork or spoon to do this as well. Work with what you have.


Next you get to assemble your card. I use standard glue sticks for the larger pieces and tape runner or double sided tape for the thinner pieces. Hopefully your card swap came with a finished image – if not you get to be creative and put your own personal creative stamp on it.


Use mounting tape of various thickness to raise the elements. This card is going through the mail so I have made sure the oval won’t get crushed by covering most of the back. The flowers will have one straight on the card and the other up with mounting or 3D tape.


You can stamp a greeting or hand write one on the inside.


Add a little bling and there you have it. The easy way to make hybrid digital cards!


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