Cushioned Stamp Pad

Here is the steps I took to complete the Cushioned Stamping Pad.

In it’s raw state it is basically a 1.4 inch thick cork on a thick piece of chipboard.  If you can’t find one pre-made I don;t think it would be too hard to make yourself.


I then chose to paint it all white. The cork area took on a bit of a shabby appearance and that suits me just fine. : ) You could of course leave it cork coloured and just paint the wood.

Gather your essentials – glue, paint, digital designs printed to fit the size of your project, some extra bling or elements and some ribbon.


I use a watered down wood glue for most projects like this.


Being that bit wetter allows me to manipulate the cardstock I have printed my design onto a little easier.It also lets me use a bursh to put it on and spread it out. Less mess!

Glue the front and backs on and let dry. Then ink around the edges of your extra elements – in this case the cute little flowers.


Then give some dimension to the flowers by gently rubbing them with an embossing tool, the end of a spoon or a soft rounded stick.

Yes! I have used all those.


You can actually see the project in action which is the  exact purpose I had in mind.


Ink up the edges of your whole project and shabby it up some more. I really like the added dimension that inking gives.


Layer your inked extra elements up with some varied height mounting tape. Then some bling to jazz it up and you are just about done.


Add some co-ordinating ribbon to the top and hang it on your wall.


Remember this is two sided. When you need it just grab it off your wall, turn it over and stamp to your hearts content.


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