Control Center Tutorial 3

So have you designed and printed out your papers yet?

Today we’ll look at the punching and putting together aspect of the control center. I don’t really know how you would make this without some sort of punching machine and the only one I am aware of that can go through this thickness is the Zutter Bind it All. I am not affiliated with them – just enjoy using their fab products.


Prepare your printed pages by cutting out, and inking any edges should you like or need that effect for your chosen colour scheme.

Then you’ll need to…. glue these down to the precut board. I used a mix of wood glue thinned with a little water. Using a brush makes it easy to paint it on and not get it all gooey. πŸ™‚Β  Don’t use too much water though.

Then let them dry well.


When it came to punching I went with the less is more theory. However after hanging the peices in a trail run before closing the O’wires I found the unadorned weight was going to make the sides hang down at an angle. So adding more holes was needed. I measured to the middle of the peice then worked the number of holes needing punching from that.

Doing the board was a little more difficult. Basically measure down from each end of the board to the half point of the corresponding piece.

Or in easier terms if your side board is 6 inches tall then measure in 3 inches from the edge of the board and this becomes the center line for placing in the Bind It All and punching through. There are also 4 holes punched at the bottom for the key ring holder.


After punching you will have to make a hard decision. πŸ™‚

To round your corners or not. In my case it started with the outer 4 corners done. Liked the effect so much the rest of them got the 1/2 inch Round it All treatment too.


Then comes the fun part – crunching the wires. I have used 3.4 inch Baby Pink O’wires. I would have used a smaller size but didn;t have any in that colour. πŸ™‚

Make sure to hold your boards straight along the slight indentation that the O’wires have on the top of the circle. Kind of rest them there and keep the whole thing upright.


Then push down on the handle and whalla…. Your owires are closed!


Can you tell I like that bit?

Add your papers, shopping lists, pens, ribbons, pretty bits and whatever else you are adding to your control center.

Something else to consider is balance. My shopping list note pad is pretty heavy. The whole thing is hung on one nail in my door. So I had to make sure that the other side was balance. The Post it note helped out somewhat.Then adding the pen hanger to that side added extra weight. Embellishments and clips will help if you find balance a problem.

Mine is pretty balanced just with hanging the pen on that left side. It does not swing much when using it either. Now if I was a technical mathematician I would have been able to work out all the weights and balances before I even started. If you can – go ahead.

Me – I just want to create. It always works out in the end anyway!


Now – hang it!!

If you want to know anything else then leave a comment. When you are done please come back here and leave a comment linking me up to your version of my control center. I would love to see what you do.


6 thoughts on “Control Center Tutorial 3

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  2. WOW WOW WOW!!! Thank you so much for that it is fantastic. I cant wait to WORK OUT what I am going to put on mine πŸ™‚

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