Control Center Tutorial 2

You will want to start thinking about what it is you want on your control center before you start. The clipboard for my monthly calender and bills was the basis for mine. The shopping list was also a must. Then it got creative. What other things do you need?


Somewhere to hang your keys, a note-pad or a “honey do” list. Chore chart, birthday list and memory cards are just some other ideas.

The next thing you need to do is…… collect everything you want to use for your project! I like to have it all together before I start. It saves a lot of time hunting for things at a crucial moment. ๐Ÿ™‚


You will need..

  • A clipboard
  • Chipboard or strong card
  • Glue of choice
  • Paint
  • Digital Scrapbook kit, printer and papers
  • Bind-It-All
  • O’wires
  • Zutter 1/2 inch corner rounder (or strong scissors)
  • Tape Runner
  • Post it Notes
  • Clips
  • Any embellishments you like
  • Ribbon
  • Paint


Paint your clipboard and if using chipboard you could paint that too. Here I have used plain old wall/house paint as craft paints are not readily available. Just do around the edges if you are covering with a paper.

White was my choice as the shabby look is what we were aiming for. You could use any colour to co-ordinate with your chosen digital kit.

Measure the area you want to cover on the front of your board. In your scrapbook editor create a layout that size and layer your papers together. I have used 2 papers from Cherry Delight by The Digi Chicks.

Being somewhat limited by the size of my printer the size used here is A4.


Slightly too short and a little too wide! Trim it t fit just a little inside the edge of the board. Then trim your corners to mimic the edge of the clipboard. The Zutter 1/2 inch cutter is a perfect match for the corners of my clipboard. ๐Ÿ™‚


Glue it down and wait for it to dry. Then go back over your edges, sponging some of your background paint along just covering the paper.

It looks pretty good just like this.


If you were just going to make over the board for everyday use I would recommend covering in a good quality craft varnish or Modge Podge or something similar.

Then lay your board down and work out the sizes of the other area’s you have chosen.


You can see I have laid it out as I want it. My side pieces are all 4 inches wide. The shopping list from yesterday dictated what size that shape was. Likewise with my chore chart and post it note area. The memory verse filled in the space at the bottom right.

Each piece is a different height based on what I needed. You can also see I am using various types of board. I like to use up leftover bits from other projects.

Measure up your chosen pieces, go to your editor and create your layout and make up the papers ready for the next step.


Print them out and come back tomorrow for the rest of the Control Center Tutorial 3.


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