Happy Day

My trip to the USA is at an end. I am home and very jet lagged. Our bags arrived home 4 days after us which meant plenty of time before I needed to tackle the laundry. We had done most of it before we left America so I knew it would not be too bad.

Being as tired as I am and wake all hours gave me some time to start going through all my photo’s and scrap a few of my happy day memories while they are still fresh. Here is just one of them for today.

The photo was taken in Galveston Texas at a shell store that is built out over the water on a dock. Pretty cool place and it had a vast selection of shopping to make anyone happy. Even Minnie Pearl would have been happy at the selection of hats complete with sales tags still hanging off.

I have used Happy Day Scrapbook Kit from Quirky Twerp for this one. Just perfect I would say for a memory of a very happy day. (Hot too – it was a stinker there with the unusually long hot and humid heat wave they had in the USA this year.)


St Louis Gateway Arch

During our trip to Detroit we had the opportunity to drive through St Louis. Of course we had to stop. Our first view of the mighty Mississippi demanded it.

We also got to see this.

To read more about it check out this post on the 22nd of July


Ok, So I have had a few emails saying we haven’t updated in a while. At least we know someone is reading this. 😀

So here is an update:- Getting over jet lag and back into the education routine has taken precedence over the last few weeks. I am finally able to take some time to think about our trip, sort the photo’s and get something on here.

Mind you it won’t be today. It is funny how many shots you can take on a digital camera when you don’t have to think about developing them all.

So here is a little teaser to keep you in suspense till the real update. 🙂


Another photo from our trip to Niagara Falls.

Junior Olympics 2008 Detroit Michigan

Yesterday we registered and the children all had a good training session ready for competition tomorrow. They will be competing at the University Of Michigan Pool in Ypsilanti near Detroit in Michigan. We are staying about 15 minutes away in Ann Arbor.

The pool is set at the correct temperature so that if any records are broken they will be ratified and allowed. It is a little cooler than our pools back home but considering how hot it is inside the enclosed pool area it is nice for them to swim in. We on the other hand will be sweating it out.

Michigan University Swimming Pool for the Junior Olympics 2008

Everyone has pre-race excitement and all are looking forward to this new experience.

Then tonight we went to the Parade of Champions….supposedly something of an opening ceremony. To be honest it was a little disappointing. Being our first time we were not sure what to expect, however those who went with us and had been before said that it wasn’t very good, certainly not up to past times.

The one thing that everyone enjoyed was the Marching band. Their music was great, their leader energetic and fun, and the whole performance was really a treat. It turns out they are performing at the Olympics in Beijing!

I’ll try to update soon

Leaving for Detroit

Today we left for Detroit where the Junior Olympics are to be held this year. First we went to swim training at 7 am for 2 hours as it was already 45 mins in the direction we were headed. We had to stop by the optometrist in Ft Smith Ark to pick up Wayne’s new prescription sunglasses.

We had already decided to do this trip over a couple of days. Driving for about 4 – 5 hours and stopping along the way if there is anything we see along the way that takes our fancy.

Our destination today was a place called Ft Leonard/St Roberts. We have booked one room for the night including breakfast which is nice.

We had packed two esky’s full of yummy goodies to eat for lunch and snacks plus plenty of drinks to keep us going. Connie and the girls had been cooking up a storm and we went on our way well stocked.

As we drove up through Missouri, which is so beautiful, we kept seeing signs for the Precious Moments Chapel. The billboards are very large along the sides of the highway so you can’t really miss it. Eventually we came to the turn off, so we decided to have a stretch break and a look around.


We arrived at 4.15 to find it was closing at 5. Much to Wayne’s relief. We couldn’t spend too long there. 🙂


We had enough time to walk around the lovely memorial gardens.


Then we came to the Chapel.


It was so peaceful and a beautifully serene place to spend some time.


The paintings in the chapel are stunningly beautiful in their simple style.



However it is the stained glass windows that really set the whole thing off.


Mind you – we came back up to the main area at 4.45 thinking we had time to check out the gift shop and store. I intended purchasing a gift for a friend who collects these pretty figurines.

It was closed.


We could not believe it. We were not the only people who wanted to get into the store but the doors were firmly closed. They really meant they were out of there at 5 pm…not that they closed then. A little disappointing but I guess they were the ones who lost the sales.

Then we got back on the road and headed for our motel. The place was newish and had enough room for all of us with a roll away bed. It also had a fridge and microwave.

It was just off the highway past this sign.


Too funny hey! We had to take a photo of course.

Then we headed here for dinner.


We had traditional pulled BBQ beef and pork in the Ozark Style. Whatever that is, it sure was good. Topped off with really good iced tea and it was a perfect finish to a longish (we left home at 6 am) but lovely days driving.

The motel is just off to the right up the hill about 500 meters so it was nice and close.