This Blog is a Mess

So my blog is a right mess. It came together ok when I imported everything but since then my images have gone wonky or disappeared. Plus they are not nice and clear.

I don’t even know how to fix it anymore, nor if I have the energy to go back through years of posts and try to redo all the images and update things.

Should I close it down. Hearing that is a no-no it the web world and it would be a shame to lose a lot of the info on here. Should I keep it going – ugly as it is? Should I leave it here with a redirect to a new blog?

After all I can still see people reading and downloading the digital freebies I offer – even though there have been no comments for months, even on the download pages. 🙂

Part of me just wants to give it up and get rid of it. It does not make me happy looking at it. However all the good stuff here and the lovely friends who have supported me make it a little harder than it would seem.

What would you do?



3 thoughts on “This Blog is a Mess

  1. I just came here hoping to find a link to a layout I used for inspiration when using the Industrial Collab. It is not one of the pics shown on the Digi Chick page. So sorry to see you have abandoned this blog but your work is lovely and I have bits here and there including some freebies. Don’t misinterpret the lack of comment on a blog as folks not appreciating your work. Sometimes the blogs themselves make it difficult if you do not have the “right” way to leave a comment, sometimes we scrappers are very limited in time and, yes, the extra time to leave comments does add up. BUT it doesn’t mean we don’t care about your art. In my case I go back and support artists that treat me to freebies via their blogs, newsletters, or fb. Maybe I am in the minority. Love your creations and hope you stick with them and do share the occasional freebie that matches the kit/collab.

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