Whirlwind Tour of the USA

I know I have been slack in not posting for a while. Life got so busy and then we were headed off on our trip for summer in the USA. So please forgive the lack of posts. We have been on our trip now for nearly three weeks and it seems to have gone by in a blur. It is not a whirlwind tour but we have seen and done a lot in that time.

We do stop every now and then to catch our breath and this helps some with the busyness of driving and seeing the sights. So far we have traveled through 9 states, countless counties and seen many wonderful things.

Here is a layout with our “once in a lifetime” tour of a swamp in Louisiana. Hubby has always wanted to do this so we made sure to schedule it in.

Our eldest son was quite game to feed the alligators and really enjoyed the adrenaline thrill.

I have used the new Digichick Collab kit Around the World which is just perfect for any sort of holiday vacation or trip anywhere. It will get some use this trip!

It also made this really cool title page which is still a work in progress. The road sign is Tortuga Template # 138 from Kellie Mize


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