In the Works

So much has happened over the last few weeks in my at home life that the blog and hobbies had to take a break for a while. It has been good for me and helped us make some decisions about time, priorities and balance.

It really started back in Feb with the finding of one of those “lumps” that all woman must hope we never have to find. The process to get to the bottom of it is still not over though last week brought good news that the initial lump, which required a biopsy (after mammogram and ultrasound found it to have some irregulairites), was ok.

Now ongoing investigation is required for another area that was discovered during the biopsy but was too hard to access. The surgeon did try but didn’t want to cause further damage. I am scheduled for a MRI next, and then hopefully that will be the end of it.

My faith is enabling me to keep focus and I am thankful to have Him to lean on. It would have been so much tougher without that in my life.

Something like this can sure be a kick in the behind, and my one little word balance has proved to be a rather apt one this year.

So where next?

After considering my options with the blog it seemed easier for now to import it all here. Having all my work and blogging in one place will be nice – and easier too. There will be a few changes and a bit of a mess perhaps for a while with some posts being deleted or updated. I am looking to give it a makeover at some stage. 🙂 Please bear with me as these changes happen.

So now it will be blogging as and when I feel like it. Working on projects with my kids, pulling out some old photo’s and getting them into layouts. My printer bowed out this week so I have an excuse to work on “real” photo’s for a while. Mind you I have plenty that nee

Less pressure, more life. Less planning, more doing. Making sweet precious memories with my hubby and kids. Living each day for each day. Taking the time to appreciate what is here right now.

Stopping to smell the roses if you like!

How do you stop and smell the roses when life sometimes gets too much – or even just because you can?


3 thoughts on “In the Works

  1. Sending you great big hug!! I’m glad that you have your faith to support you, as well as your family. I’m sure that you are going to be fine. Take care, will be thinking about you and be sure you will also be in my prayers. xx

  2. I went through breast cancer over 5 years ago. Like you, Jesus got me through those times. I’ll put you in my prayers.

  3. HUGE HUGS from across the miles. Very eager to hear the news – thank you for keeping us posted. We pray for you all the time – I love you so much! Your story is an inspiration!!!

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