A Bit of Fun

This layout is just a bit of fun really. It is week # 7 challenge at Log Your Memory and was another one I chose to step waaayyyy outside my usual scrapping style on.

See – lots of fun! 🙂 Adoring the rolled fabric flowers in digital format!

Big print papers are such fun. However, though I find myself attracted to them often, most times it is a struggle for me to work them into a layout and I end up using the plain, more subdued colours and patterns. With this one, which I might add took three days to do, it all finally came together. It is a large mishmash but in some ways works. I hope!

On it is journaling, talking about just some the things I will miss if we ever leave here. There has to be after all some benefits to leaving home, family and friends to move to a foreign country and living in the desert. There needs to be something pretty special to endure that. 🙂

Credits ~ Jaunty, Olive and Orange from Danielle Engebretson. Template is from Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs


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