Kinda feel like I need one right now. Not possible but I can share a layout about the last one we had. In late September after the trip to Mykonos we all went as a family to Dubai for 4 days as my son and I headed out to Australia. It was a mini break for everyone.

Talk about an adventure! In between trying out snow skiing lessons at Ski Dubai and visiting Atlantis Dubai we spent some time driving around seeing the sights. We also had a drama with the spa pump catching fire in the apartment we had rented in Dubai Marina.

The company we stayed with were way less than helpful from the very beginning and my husband had a major hassle even trying to get anyone to respond to the fire situation. They point blank refused to help us out that night with further accommodation. Hubby and I ended up doubling the kids up and sleeping in the lounge as the fire and smoke debris in the master bedroom would have made us sick to sleep in there.

Really should have known because the apartment did not live up to what was promised in the first place. Given that we chose to pay a lot more this time so we could have something a little “better” than in the past. We have tried without avail to get them to make recompense for the inconvenience, stress and time that was taken in trying to deal with this. The best they can do, or have offered is a week free – provided we pay for another week with them.

I don’t trust them that far. So far I have not named them but have certainly warned all those in the epcat community here when discussing the accomodation options in Dubai not to stay with them. There is a lot more that went wrong from the beginning that I have not even covered here. Am thinking that perhaps a post on trip advisor might be a good idea though. I would sure hate anyone to go through anything like that drama.

Put it this way – hubby flew back home the next day and within two days came out in a terrible case of shingle’s which took 5 weeks to get over. He has never had that before and it was put directly down to the stress and alarm of the fire and the aftermath of trying to get someone to come and put it out, deal with it etc.

Anyway – we did have some lovely moments while away. The hilight for me was meeting up 3 online scrapping buddies. One of whom is the subject of my layout today.

Sue and I clicked while doing the Digital Design course last year. She has lived here, and her two children are a similar age to my younger two. We all went to dinner together and had a blast!

It’s so awesome when you meet someone and the way you feel online just clicks in real life too!

The lighting in the restaurant was fabulously ambient but not the best for photo’s. I did practice a lot of what Karen Russel had taught us in Greece but I even topped out the ISo on my camera. Which is to say that the photo is heavily photoshopped to try and get it ok for the layout. It looks alright to me, even if not “technically perfect”.

It’s about the memory, about the moment. For that reason it is emotionally perfect! Which is one of the area’s I am focusing on in my quest for balance this year. But more on that in another post.

Credits Girlfriend Getaway from Danielle Engebretson and Quirky Twerp. Layout template is mine.


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