One More Vintage Valentine

I just couldn’t resist using the gorgeous Valentines Retrospect from Quirky Twerp for another layout. This one is for the Log Your Memory week #4 challenge.

This week the prompt is to journal or list a project you wish to work on the year. I considered tying this in to my one little word and making me the project – but instead picked something I have really wanted to tackle for a while.

My box of unfinished quilts, block swaps and purchased mini quilt kits has been calling out for some attention. The little paper scrapping hobby kind of took over and my quilting took a back seat.

With balance being my aim I have a few things to accomplish by dealing with the tub of fabric. Using what I have for my creativity, clearing out the stuff in the house, thereby creating more space and less clutter allowing my mental process some relief. Balance between starting and finishing. Isn’t that balance word a good one?

The layout is quilt like, and lists the process I will use to deal with the contents of my UFO box.

The good news – I can tick off some things on that list and started putting one quilt top together last night.


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