One Little Word

Wondering where I have been? Well it goes a little something like this – it’s all the fault of about my one little word.

The awesome Ali Edwards (whom I had the privelege of hanging out with on Mykonos) is doing the One Little Word project over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I decided spur of the moment at the end of last year (boy that sounds old –  like, come on folks, it was just 2010 already!) to join the 12 month focus class in an effort to stay more in tune with my one little word choice this year.

It’s about the 4th or 5th year I have chosen a word that feels like what I have wanted to invite into and achieve in my life. They have all been good noble words. However, because they were in reality a “wish”, I did not focus on them as much as I would like.

This year my word in itself is not only the word, but the action. In the focusing on my OLW and carrying out the action it should help me find the balance. It’s almost like my word is self fulfilling. I can’t really explain what it is on the edge of my mind just yet but it is there. I’m loving the freedom it brings

This word is in my heart and soul this year. Which is a good thing. I have been off the rails for quite a while now and certainly need that train running straight again. As I go through this process of finding balance I believe more feeling, explanation, reason, and purpose even, will come to me.

Which brings me around to being missing. I have things I want to do with my word. Things to complete, study, learn, prioritise, list, scrap, make and do – the actions invited by my word. Some of them are causing me to be out of balance for a bit – which is funny when you think about it.

It is also why I have not blogged much in a while other than all those Christmas album posts. 🙂

Here’s to finding the balance and getting back here more regularly.


Credits: Scale shape from the very sweet Julie Southern. Papers from Quirky twerp. Banner Stamp from Arty Pants, Image designed by me.


2 thoughts on “One Little Word

  1. Hi Sharyn, so glad to see your blog in action again (or rather I now have the correct url in my Google Reader!). Lovely to catch up with you. Your OLW is great, and I love your art journal page. You are soooo super talented. Please say hi to everyone; loved your Christmas day photo btw! Planning on visiting Dubai this year? Hope so! Sue x

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