One Little Word 2011

Working on my One Little Word for 2011.

I was originally going with Serene or Serenity but mulling it over in half sleep during the wee hours of the 1st it suddenly came to me that the word I was most looking for this year is BALANCE. I guess my word found me.

After trying with resolutions and such in many of the past years, with definite goals that were perhaps a little to high in the “perfection” stakes, this year feels a little different. Trying to overcome that perfectionsism and the desire to “make it all happen” is a balance that is essential this year.

So many of the things I want to work on in my life need balance. Without them driving me nuts trying to achieve them, or involving setting myself up to the inevitable failure. If I can find the balance in the things that are my priorities then it stands to say that serenity should follow with one being the end result of finding the other.

Balance is like walking a tightrope.  Just like the the little lady in my art journal page.

Here she is surrounded with little items that represent various things that need harmony or symbolise balance to me.They’ll come later in my priority list.

Credits Various elements from kits by Bisotine, Gypsy Couture, Elise Hansen, Basic Grey, Graphics Gairy and DJB.


2 thoughts on “One Little Word 2011

  1. Hi Sharyn, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment 🙂

    I love your one little word, I was tossing up between finding balance or being more creative. As I haven’t had the opportunity of being too creative for 2010 due to moving into our new home, I thought I’d try to strive to be more creative in 2011!

    I’m totally with you regarding finding a balance from not being too perfect, its so hard when it runs in your family too.

    take care,


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