Daily December or Journal Your Christmas #15

I still don’t know what to title this album I am making. It’s more me taking a photo each day and then journaling what is going on. So I guess it is Daily December. Yet it is also mostly about our month revolving around Christmas (and just a couple of birthdays :)). So it’s kind of like Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas. I am getting her daily emails and looking in the class forums for inspiration so it’s a little of that as well. Either way I am working on it!

It’s been fun trying to keep up with it and while a lot of it is done I am not going to attempt to put everyday up on the blog. You’ll just have to trust me that they are there. 🙂

The main reason I am busy is the topic I have documented today along with the changes we have experienced here in the new house.

The Nail Salon business I have opened at home has been a bigger success on opening than could have been imagined. Word of mouth does wonders here and I will have to be careful to not overwhelm myself. I am physically exhausted at the end of the day. Though you would not think this type of work could be that exacting, I had forgotten how tired it can make you.

Falling into bed after dinner each night is not conducive to being a creative scrap booker.

The neck and back and shoulders hurt like crazy. The shoulder will need watching as the reason I stopped doing nails years ago was due to a shoulder operation that put me out of action for quite some time. Many years of sport caused the issue along with small shoulder blades, but doing acrylic nails did not help. It may be that my expectations of myself may need lowering with regard to how many clients I can take each day or week.


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