Daily December Journal Your Christmas #14

Yes, the sand storm or “schamal”, as it called here, stuck around. If anything it seemed a little worse today.

Anyway – we had a nice day. The haircut is not as good as I had hoped for. It’s ok and not a disaster but I had been hearing good things about this new hairdresser I was trying out – and they did not pan out that way. You know when you say “don’t cut my fringe too short” and they go ahead and do their own thing. Yikes!! What is with that anyway? Ok rant over!

Mind you looking at this photo taken on my phone you may well think he was entitled to cut it off..LOL

The guy in the photo is not the one that cut my hair. He was just drying it off for me.

I was determined not to let it ruin my day and it didn’t. We went out for lunch then shoe shopping as planned. Hubby surprised me with a necklace which I was not expecting. It is also our wedding anniversary today. Yes – we got married on my birthday. Yes – choosing my birthday may have not been the best idea. Especially in December. Anyway we still make an effort. Even if most of the family forget. 🙂

So 25 years together! As it is the silver anniversary we bought a mirror a while back in anticipation. Now we just have to hang it.

At lunch my 11 year old took this photo for us to remember the day. May not be the best angle but we like it – and that’s without photoshoping us at all  🙂  I have used a Pioneer Woman filter on it for “ambiance”.

Now if I was really keen I would find an old wedding photo and compare. Just not sure I want to…lol

Happy Anniversary honey – it’s been a interesting ride to 25 years together.  Let’s get stuck into the next 25 years!


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