Daily December #10

Today we headed for the shops in Bahrain and got a couple of items for the Nail Salon and the silver wedding anniversary party next week. Yes – the munchkins have talked us into a party. Like I need something else this month! 🙂

We talked them down from a mega party to nibbles, drinks and cakes. A lot of people are away or about to leave out on vacation so it won’t be huge anyway

They are quite excited and very keen to help out, volunteering all manner of jobs they can do. They have even worked out who we should invite and what we should prepare in the way of party food and drinks. I guess they have absorbed enough from me all these years to see the process and know what needs doing. It will be interesting to see how they carry out the actual physical work. After all, they have volunteered – so I am going to let them do as much as they can, and pick up any slack. I am very happy to have them helping out in such an enthusiastic way.

So tonight I whipped up these invitations using a kit I have used before. Yay me! Love it when I get to use my digital supplies more than once. It is Rue from Paislee Press.

The layout showing today’s pages for my Daily December album also uses a couple of digital scrapbooking items my by me. The blue background paper and the stripe are a couple of papers from my latest digital kit. I am keeping my hand in with the designing as much as possible even if I am not out there selling my stuff.

Now the munchkins are off to hand deliver the invites and I am off to clean up my creating mess.


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