So my server went down the other day. Lost the databases right back to the second of August. The hosting service I have which I thought would have me covered in any event turned out to have issues too.  The backups I had been doing from my limited knowledge – which was all the files on my ftp, are not enough to return my posts.

So they are all gone. The best month yet and now it is all blank for the past month. Including my post about taking a break for a bit due to needing to prioritise my life given a bunch of sad things going on back home.

Anyway – moving on. I am not going to put them all back up on here. It is too much and I’ve not got the time right now. Getting ready for the Cocoa Daisy Mykonos event coming up in the next two weeks.

Not even sure I want to keep blogging here. Just don’t need the hassles of all the behind the scenes stuff.

Need to think about it a bit – what do you think?


4 thoughts on “Down!

  1. Oh, what a bummer! I love your blog. So much so that it’s in my Google reader, which DOES have all of your posts for the month of August, including the one where you said it may be more quiet around here for a while. LMK if you want them and I will copy them and email them to you if you like.

  2. Forgot to say, who hosts your blog? Is it WordPress? I’m a big fan – I’ve been using them for YEARS and have never ever had a problem. I believe they’re owned by/associated with Google? I know it is a pain to change blog companies.

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