Out of Control

It looks like I may be back over here after all. My paid blog is down and has been since about Wednesday. It is at least the third time this has happened since I put the thing back up about 3 months ago. Each time it has been down for longer than 3 or 4 days and this time it is still going.

I can’t really afford to be offline for that long. When other people rely on me to get work done in a certain time frame it is essential to me that I can. Now while everyone is so sweet and understanding it is not ok by me for it to be down that long. I don’t want to let people down.

In this case it is out of my control.

So here I am back again. Not sure what I will do when it comes back up. I have used this server for a few years now and the guy who is in charge and very hands on is the owner. He has always been very helpful and worked with me, teaching me how to do various “back office” things requires with the running of your own blog. At this point I will have to reaccess everything.

With all the changes going on in my real life outside planet web perhaps it is time to step back and do some serious thinking about where I want to head. Life had felt out of control. But there are steps I can make to take some of that control back.

I had written a post about that just a week or two ago (which you can’t read now as the blog is down) and while I had stepped back and was happier with some of the changes that were implemented there were still something that were unsettleing me.

Now here I am with that blog offline and time to really do some thinking.

Stay tuned!


One thought on “Out of Control

  1. Hi Sharyn, oh what a pain the Internet can be. Sorry you have been having problems with your domain. Anyhow I am glad to be “here” since I have been admiring your altered items. I am so going to make that little book for keeping back up disks etc in, brilliant idea, thanks! Sue x

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