Hybrid Scrapbooking

There seems to be some disparity regarding the definition of the word hybrid in the paper crafting world. Personally I always thought of it as anything where you took one medium from any form of art or craft and merged or morphed it with another to create something new.

Perhaps that is due to being involved with everything from card making in the early 90’s, into folk art painting, quilting and embroidery through to paper scrapping early this decade. Then with the emergence of digital scrap booking it seemed to disappear for a while.

Now having almost accidentally fallen into the modern term of hybrid crafting some 12 months ago with the popularity of this project and this tutorial it has become a catch phrase that is a large part of the paper crafting community and what I do.

Along with the realisation that while digital scrapbooking is a huge addiction focus for me, and a simple easy way to document my memories there came a knowledge that couldn’t be denied. I need to create physically. Not just on the computer. Not just getting it printed in to a book – though these are important parts of whole.

Here are a couple of ideas that came out in a recent conversation with my friend Jennifer in which we were discussing the in’s and out’s of hybrid.

“but I think the paper world considers hybrid as a way to bring journaling, photo overlays and other digital elements together on a page. In contrast, if you ask a digi scrapper what hybrid is, she would most likely tell you its printing out digital supplies and gluing them for craft projects.”

Which brings me to these questions. What does the term “hybrid” mean to you? Do you only think of it in terms of the one craft you specialise in? Or is it something for you that crosses and blurs the lines between all crafts?

What do you think?

I would love to hear your ideas on this. Please leave your thoughts in the comments box and let’s get the discussion going. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Hybrid Scrapbooking

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  2. Wearing my Hybrid Artist hat, I would say that hybrid is printing digital supplies and making physical projects with them as your friend Jennifer says above.
    But with my background as a paper scrapper, I often printed journaling out to add to my paper pages as I have terrible handwriting! Yet I never thought of that as hybrid until reading this post…
    So is it the use of a computer and printer that determines if it is hybrid?

  3. I’ve started to comment on this post a couple times but as I thought about it, my original definitions don’t make sense. I think what I’ve come to is hybrid is anything that brings a computer element into the “real” world. So Pene’s example of printing journaling for a traditional layout would be hybrid. Anything other than a flat, printed out digital layout that uses digital elements or papers. So if you use a box template and digital papers to decorate it, then print it out and CUT and ASSEMBLE, you’re doing hybrid. Or if you add some real flowers and ribbon to a digital layout, that’s hybrid. A photo block printed out and adhered to a paper layout is hybrid. I could go on forever!

  4. I always thought of it as being all about adding things to your paper pages… until I saw some amazing projects made by super crafty people like you in galleries. I still think of hybrid as a general “digital designs brought to life” thing… but let me tell you–I’ve had numerous calls for artists and it is very hard to find anyone who makes hybrid layouts on a regular basis. It seems that most people who dabble in hybrid make cards and gifts these days. Or at least they don’t travel in our digital circles…

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  6. I have to agree with Tracy, but I have heard the distinction that Jennifer discussed, also. I think of hybrid mostly in terms of layouts, because that is my focus. So I think adding any digital element to a photo before printing it would count, as would simply printing digital paper. For me, the beauty of hybrid is combining the best parts of digi scrapping (flexibilty of size/color/quantity of elements) with the best parts of paper scrapping (texture/dimensionality) to create beautiful layouts. Great discussion!

  7. In my little head it’s combining digital elements with real goodies.
    I use a bit of digital paper here and there but as Nicole mentioned, mine’s mostly on cards and projects. Sometimes I’d add a digital paper onto a scrapbook page or a cute tag or a digital image but it’s not often. The digital image has to be something that I’d want to pick up at a store. I wouldn’t use a felt flower digital image on my layout for example. I’d want to use the real deal. I also have a ton of stuff and when I do a layout I want to put a lot of different things onto a page. So I’ll have one hybrid piece here, another from a company there, another from another company here etc.

  8. Well, this one is kind of a mixed bag isn’t, LOL? I come from paper, after many years of traditional scrapping, just added digital as a way of “adding another element” to my work. When I added my first “mask” to a page then printed it out in paper to add elements I had in my stash…I was hooked! I do both now, sometimes just one or the other. Even if I make a whole project in digital to print out, I can not resist staining the edges or adding some special little bit. I sincerely think that if you take any mixture paper and digital products…you have hybrid. There is not a “level” to it, like more hybrid, kind of hybrid….you can’t be kinda pregnant! I may start with a yummy paper product, and need something digital, or a digital kit idea start and then bring it into the world of feel. It is all about crossing mediums and products. I also scrap in both world mixing kits, so I often think those who only scrap a singular kit and do not mix other things with it, have a harder time “getting hyrbid”. Hope this helps those out there reading!

  9. Hybrid to me is taking digital goods and combining with real paper crafting stuff. There are many forms of hybrids and my preferred use of combining the two is normally through card making, hence digital papers are very good for that and also can be very unique and I like that. I have also created many projects like an advent calender, small albums and recently a clock. To me printing off a layout and placing into an album wallet is not hybrid.

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