Free 4th of July Printable Cards

This week I had the chance to play with a fun paper pack from Donna of Quirky Twerp.  The  Happy Little Fourth Paper pack is fabulous for both scrapbooking, card making or any hybrid project you might want to tackle. Of course it goes perfectly with my 4th of July inspired Template. If you are just coming by then check out yesterdays post for the free template.

Isn’t that just too cute?  Now, the button on the front is real. I just wanted to give it a little dimension without going the whole hybrid route. Here is what I did, which took all of about 5 minutes.

Printed out the 4th of July card. Then got hold of some thread, a co-ordinating button and a needle. The needle is a Chenile 24. Big enough slot to get the thread through easily and still slim enough to go through my button holes. I knew keeping my embroidery needles out was a good idea instead of packing them up when we moved.

Now poke a couple of holes through the button slots and through the card to mark your place. Makes it easier to sew the thread too.

Get a fair bit of thread in your needle and double it over. You want it nice and thick. I am using DMC thread as it comes – doubled.

Without putting a knot in your thread start from the top and go down through to the back.

Then come back up to the front again.

Now tie it in a knot on the front of the button, taking care to pull it tight enough that the button sits nice and secure against the card front. Not so tight though that it buckles or tears the card stock.

Simple and easy but that step up from a printed card.  Adhere the card to coordinating cardstock base and you have a nice card to share with someone on the 4th of July – or anytime. It would make a fun birthday card too.

But wait – there’s more!  JK.  I have always wanted to say that.!

Donna liked my card and she has decided to collab with me and give it away – to you for free. So I made another variation with her Happy Little Fourth paper and we have a set of two printable 4th of July cards, or any day for that matter. All ready for your celebrating. Just print and go – or embellish a little.

Pop on over to the Quirky Twerp blog where you can say hi to Donna, and download the free printable 4th of July cards.



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