Paper Roses Get Glimmer

There is nothing like glimmer mist here!  Nor anything like the ingredients cited on a lot of blogs to make your own glimmer mist.  Which meant getting creative with what was already in my home.

Enter hairspray and eyeshadow. Yes! Good old fashioned pump style hair spray and glimmery shimmery eyeshadow with a lovely pearly tint.

Using an old mini spray bottle I added about a tablespoon of the hairspray. Then it was time for the eyeshadow. This is a very shimmery loose powder eyeshadow.

I added two very small scoops to the bottle. Then shook it very well.

It ended up a very coppery soft pink with just a hint of gold glimmer. Then it was time to spray the dried flower with a light mist.

Next time I’ll try having the sprayer further away and get a lighter mist. It dried in seconds!

Don’t you just love it when an experiment works?

Smooshed, dry and glimmery.


6 thoughts on “Paper Roses Get Glimmer

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  2. WOW!!! Thanks for the tip, Sharyn! I don’t have Glimmer Mists either.. so I will definitely try your hairspray solutioin 🙂
    And your flowers are looking gorgeous!!!
    Sylvia xxx

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