Card Crafters Free Templates

Given that I am on a bit of a card making kick at the moment I decided to streamline my card making by setting up a couple of templates. Wanting to ensure my final print project came out the right size – say for a card to be matted on a card base then fit in an A2 envelope I set up a template with guides and such to make my work easier.

It all snowballed from there with me making a bunch of card templates. All three cards from yesterday were created with my new templates. Given how much time they saved me I thought I might share some of them with you.

Introducing Card Crafters from Altered Life Designs.

These card templates are set up ready for your digital and hybrid card making needs. The page size is 8.5 x 11 and already set up for 1/8th inch print margins.

In the pack you get two templates. One is perfect for clipping your digital papers and elements to, printing out and cutting to size ready to pop into an envelope. A quick and easy card “homemade” card solution this one is called Print’n Go.

The second one is laid out individually on the same size 8.5 x 11. This time however you can cut the pieces out and adhere your layers together along with some extra “traditional” card making or scrapbookingl embellishments making this a truly paper card. There is room on the page for you to add some extra pieces out of a digital kit should you wish to embellish or add extra layers.

These templates will be called Print’n Create. How you finish them off is up to you. Keep to the template or go all out and create something totally individual.

To celebrate all the fun I am having making these, and introducing them to you I have decided to give away my first ever Card Crafters Template Set.

This card was made with it.

So was this one.

So without further ado here is the link for the card templates.

You know the drill – please leave me a comment here if you download them – and link me up when you use them. i would love to see your creations!

I hope you enjoy creating with Card Crafters as much as I have making them!


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