Back Again.

The whole move thing turned into a bit of a drama that we had not even contemplated. We are that far out of town that we had little or no internet to speak of. We also have no cell phone reception at our house – still.

At least the internet is back on – now I can communicate with the outside real world once again.

The place is coming together and I even managed to carve out a little crafting space from a small store cupboard downstairs. It sits between the kitchen and the study/schoolroom.

Perfect! 🙂

You will have to wait for a bit though to see some photo’s as I am still hanging shelves and finding spaces for all my stuff. I have wavered between everything away out of sight, which is my preferred choice of things being uncluttered, and shelves everywhere with it all out in the open.

In the end the open “can see most things” won out. For two reasons really. The first is the room is small and has a door so I can just close it up and leave it – whereas in the last home it was open to the main living room.

The second reason which is probably far more important is during the move I discovered how much I actually had put away, and things forgotten that I had planned to craft with. Having it all out means I should see it, be inspired and get creative. Using what I have and not spending on stuff for a while.

We’ll see how long I can stand the cluttered look!

Right now though I am off to scrap with a new kit from Desjardin Digital Designs called Taste of Summer.

Perfect for the 45+(celcius) heat we have been having here!


One thought on “Back Again.

  1. Hi Sharyn, just wanted to pop in and say “Hi” from Jessica’s class. We lived in Saudi too (Riyadh for 2 years, long enough!) and was curious as to where you were. Catch up with you in class, gosh I am so excited and nervous too, looks like its going to be fab (as if there was any doubt!). Sue from Dubai.

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