A Full Day

It hardly seems like yesterday that we got back from Paris. Till you count the jet-lag that is. Feeling the need to sleep during the day and not staying alseep at night is not much fun. That said, I slept like a log last night only waking once about 5 am due to some outside noise.

Which is just as well given the day we had. Eldest DS and myself worked at a local Ladies Brunch selling our Name Certificates. The brunch was under average attendance and we were pleased with the business we had considering that. After packing up we arrived home about 12.30 or so.

Then some lunch, a bit more putting away of items from the trip and some washing needed doing. Then I had a 15 minute cat nap.

Come 3.30 we were out the door again for the munckins first time trial internal swim meet of the season. DS number 2 was ill (travel tired I think) and only managed one swim. The two oldest managed ok times. My youngest DD, who had slept 15 hours overnight surprised us all. She pulled out three personal best times for her three races. One of them 6+ seconds and the other two at least 2-3 seconds. We are all still wondering where she found the energy as she had appeared so tired. This all after two weeks without training.

It will be interesting to see how she performs when at peak fitness.

Home by 6.45pm, organised something for the munckins to eat and got them a DVD to watch. We still have not shopped since being back so it was a pull together from the pantry.

Heading back out the door about 7pm, Dh and I attended the opening of my good friends new Scrapbook store. We met up with her husband and their two delightful girls first and shared a meal in their local resturant.

The store is lovely and she has a wonderful range of products to start out with. Wandering around, looking at all the pretty things made me feel like I was back home. She should do well here and I can finally say I have a LSS again. It’s all very exciting, not to mention motivating me to pull out all my “in real life” scrapping stuff and do some pages.

Her opening was complete with punch and nibble’s so we hung around for a while and caught up with some other friends before heading home.

After that long day – I am ready for bed!


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