Paris Awaits

Tonight we finally leave for Paris. As usual I have created a travel journal specific to the trip. This one was a load of fun to make, or makeover really – out of a pre bound notebook.

The “arty journal” style is all the rage currently and a lot of those pages appeal to me, even though they are not really the usual style of scrapping I do.

Perhaps it is something to do with that vintage antique type look they seem to look like.

Anyhow I used a bunch of different kits for this one and went way out of my box to create something I really like. It’s fun rummaging through kits (and digi shops)  and finding things that work together to create a truly unique look.

Tres Chic and fits the feel of what this trip means to me.

The majority of the base I built my art style on came from kits by Viva Artistry’s Illuminated Journal #2 and many kits by Quirky Twerp. The Eiffle Tower key ring element came from a kit at Shabby Pickle called Morning News. The frames above are from Lindsay Jane Designs.


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