Desjardin Digital Designs

Many years ago I met a digital designer who asked me to be on her creative team. It was my first ever CT gig – and I was blown away by the compliment of being asked.

Little did I know some 5 years later how far I would have come, and that I would still be working with her. For that I am very grateful!

LaWanna Desjardin and I have come a long way together. We have both grown immensely and her work is of the highest calibre. Everything she designs is her own original work.

At times we have both been busy and involved, and at other times quiet – and it works for us. LaWanna  has always been so supportive of my style changes and requests too. I consider her a real friend and am very blessed to have met her.

LaWanna is also a very talented crafter in other respects. Check out her Etsy shop “A Happy Distraction” where you can find things like this delicious little goody.

or this one,

or perhaps this one.

I think I might just need one of each. 🙂

Desjardin Digital Designs has recently moved from Scrap Book Bytes to A Cherry on Top should you be looking for her wonderful digital scrapbooking kits.


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