Love Letters

Love letters are special at any time of year and not just on Valentines day, though that does tend to make us focus on it all the more.

Every year on Valentine’s Day our family spends time on something I started with my children years ago that has become something of a tradition.

We have a meal together, usually of homemade heart shaped pancakes and toppings.  During this time we read out loves notes personally to each individual at the table. These are little 3×5 note cards which we have written to each family member the things  we appreciate, really like or love about one another.

It is very special not only to have it in written form but also to hear it spoken out loud by the person who wrote it.

Over the years there has been tears and laughter – tears of joy when someone has realised that a sibling or parents truly does love them – that the things they may see as a weakness are actually appreciated by others. Those are special moments that I will treasure forever.

Which is why I have kept the cards each year – and why we all consider this such an important tradition for our family.

One day when they are grown adults and perhaps married themselves my plan is to give them those cards. Maybe they will continue this with their families – building a legacy, looking for the good in people, expressing thoughtful uplifting and kind words.

These little love letters have added up over the years and have been stored in this little white box- which I call my “treasure chest” for a long time.

I have wanted to decorate it before and it had gone from being bright gold (after it was used for a wise man at some point) to painted white. There it sat waiting for the papers to decorate it with.

A beautiful kit from Kellie Mize came across my screen this week and it all came together.

Of course I did a tutorial for you to see the process. You can find it over here at The Hybrid Chick.

Hope you all have a very Happy Valentines Day surrounded by loved ones.


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