Moving Saga

It seems like a saga to us anyway. We have know for a couple of years that we would eventually be moving. The company announced it years ago, and with one thing and another there have been delays and all sorts of things that have drawn it out.

The last year in particular has been even more so, with the place being built ready and yet still no sign of moving. We had to make choices in Sep for which villa postion and colour scheme we wanted. We were expecting to hear about our choice soemtime in Nov.

A halt was put on that -another delay!

The suddenly they announced an open day so we could go and see what we would be moving in to. Yay! Some end to the saga in sight maybe. Or wishful thinking?

Anyway we went and had a look – twice! It was open two weekends running and after the first visit we were able to spend some time thinking about the changes we would have to make to fit. We also needed to go back and measure up.

The compound itself is fab – the houses a bit of a downsize/backstep from where we are right now. But that’s ok – I can  go check out the moving house pages at flylady, follow her steps to moving and dejunking, and get stuck into things that should have been done years ago.

We did have to re-enter our choices – so the saga continues while we wait yet again.  🙂


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