Happy New Year

Huh, I can hear you say? It’s been over for a while! Yes, it has and boy I am glad I didn’t make any new years resolutions about blogging more often. 8-)
Stepping back every now and then, taking the break and reassessing where you are headed can be very cathartic. I am feeling better, the sun is shining and the break did me good. Plus if big time famous bloggers can take a break so can “lil ole me”.

Not that I have not been blogging – just not here at this spot on the web.

It also gave me time to make some decisions. One of them being to come back over here to my original blog rather than on a paid one.

As a family we decided to make this year a better one financially. To start being more aware of where we are spending it – and make some changes where we can so that we keep more, and save some! I may share more of what we are doing in that regard as the year progresses.

Which is why I am headed back here to my first blog. The main theme of my “Altered Life” blogging is my craft work. Being as most of that is creative team work which in itself essentially promotes other people products, it become one of the things on the list that could be easily modified to become a nil expense.

You may be wondering why I chose to have a paid one and spend money on it in the first place. Namely because I had a couple of ventures already going on and the space was paid for. Those have since finished up and it had all become a bit of a luxury – that I don’t really need.

Going free also means if I don’t get around to blogging as often, or take the odd break now and then, I don’t feel any guilt over the costs.

So there you have it – a new year, a new beginning and a new/old blog.

Now to make some changes to the way she looks! 🙂


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