Journal Your Christmas: Day 1

Two more pages for my 2009 Christmas Album. Both of these are for December the first.

The first layout is more about where I am at and what I hope to achieve with this album. Not really cheery or Christmasy – but that is ok – it’s how I feel. Life is not all perfect happy roses – even though sometimes it seems to come across that way in blog land.

Time to be real folks!


It is also based on Shimelle’s journaling prompt for the 1st which involves a manifesto or statement about your Journal Your Christmas album. Credits are here.

Being the birthday of MP#2 on the 1st of December of course we had to have a page celebrating that. šŸ™‚ After all our month starts with this momentous occasion.


Credits here.

I cheated improvised a little and used part of her birthday babe layout on this page. Adding in a couple of other elements to tie it in helped with the seasonal theme and celebration. I have journaled about such a blessing reminding us of the “birthday” gift that Christmas is essentially all about.

Which makes me sit back and wonder what it is that I am so “non-Christmasy” about?

Just that reason, that precious sacrificial gift alone should be my whole reason for rejoicing at this time. Nothing else matter nor compares. Even if I had nothing else that should be enough!

Maybe I need an attitude check?


One thought on “Journal Your Christmas: Day 1

  1. I thought I would come by and introduce myself… we are in Karen’s class together in January. Looking forward to getting to know you. Merry Christmas.

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