Journal Your Christmas: Post 1

Well here it is the 4th, and I am already behind. It’s that “not feeling it” thing.

However I did get a start on the cover. This album will be small and hopefully simple by last years standards. I am trying to be a little more frugal this year. Inks are hard to come by at this time, which means trying to get more on a page before printing.

This determined my 5 x 7 sizing. I can get two of these on my Epson Presentation Paper which is what I plan to use for the printing.

They will be semi digital/hybrid. Not so many lumps and bumps. But I just can’t bring myself to make them totally digital and flat. If I follow these lovely templates from Pamela Donnis, making it digital to start with, I should be able to drag all my photo’s onto glossy photo paper at the end of the project, print them and stick them down to  their spot on each matte page in the album.

Little touches may also be printed out and raised with mounting tape – like the 2009 on here. You may even some some external elements. You’ll see what I mean when they are printed and can show you here…when I get some of that elusive ink.


If you want to join in all the fun, head over to Shimelle and join the 2009 Journal Your Christmas Class. Once a class member you are always a member from then on.

I have used Christmas Magic and Joy by Karla Dudley. Alpha by Kelley Mickus
Templates based on combined ones from Pamela Donnis


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