Birthday Babe

Took these photo’s last night at Chilli’s. Munchkin Princess 2 had chosen to go there for her birthday dinner. Which of course is rather a change for how we normally do things. In the past I have usually cooked their favourite meal, baked a cake and decorated a cake – and we have celebrated at home.

This year – due to circumstance I am not ready to go into just yet, we have changed it up. It is hard for me to accept that I am not doing it. I love to be that kind of “homegrown” Mum. Doing it all for them. I guess it is how I also show some of how much I love them.

Feelings of letting her down and not being fair are more in my head than the childrens. Letting go of things can be tough sometimes!

She does not really even like cake and most times it has to be an icecream one. So her choice for dessert “birthday cake” was perfect! Ice cream and a little chocolate cake. Molten Lava Cake to be exact.


She had a fabulous time and thoroughly enjoyed her dinner. You can tell by her face that this change, this “new way” of doing things is ok!


Still does not sit right with me.

Kit is Cherry Mint from Simply Scraps Designs


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